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#DearZindagi Goals: 12 Simple Joys That Are Goals In The Love You Zindagi Song


#DearZindagi Goals: 12 Simple Joys That Are Goals In The Love You Zindagi Song

Dear Zindagi’s song Love you zindagi is out and we must say the song just brings a smile on the face, the lyrics and the beats are uplifting. Apart from the music, the video is shot so beautifully. Alia Bhatt as Kaira makes us believe that simple joys are gift of life.

While we saw the video, we realized these small little joys in life are actually goals because we all have lost the touch with simplicity. For us, happiness is no longer dancing in the rains or on the streets, its more of a fun in the disco or a pub. Well, the idea of life has changed but this song can make us feel our roots, check out why we say so:

1.Enjoying the sunset by the beach

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-2-37-31-pmWhen was the last time you sat on the beach and quietly enjoyed the sunset without any camera, selfie or gossips.

2.To free yourself from everything that’s not you 


To not apply make up or leave your hair open, you do what you like not what our society tells us to do.

3.To sail through the sea with a smile 


Let the boat juggle through the waves but you enjoy the ride.

4.To randomly run with your little friends 


Because the little ones never judge, try it once.

6.Fly a kite and run with it 


The joy of flying and running together is magical.

7.Orange Chuski at night 


And then look at your orange tongue. The wow feeling.

8.How can you not dance with your BFF on street atleast once in your life


Craziness doubled up is much more fun. Hit the music and loose it up.

9.Enjoy the rains without giving a second thought 


Because they heal you and make you happy.

9.Build and let it break 


Its an old school game but it makes you feel good. Build something and let it break, its our basic life working theory.

10.Bachpan Revisited: Make a paper boat and sail it in the mud water. 


Then watch it sail, feel proud and smile.

11.Dance in the kichad paani 


Splash those mud water and you feel high just naturally.

12. Cook the unusual way 


Cooking is an art that one must enjoy

Kudos to Gauri Shinde for bringing up small little joys as a highlight in her movie.

Tell us which one is your goals ? Watch the song right here: 

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