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Unbelievable: This Is What The Commoners In Bigg Boss 10 Is Paid


Unbelievable: This Is What The Commoners In Bigg Boss 10 Is Paid

Bigg Boss is India’s biggest reality show. The celebrity here stay in a house and the whole show is all about drama. This controversial reality show is being hosted by superstar Salman Khan.

This season there aren’t just celebrities in the house, but there are also commoners who have become contestants of the show.

While we all watch and enjoy the drama going on in the show, we never imagine how much are the contestants paid for showing up in these type of reality shows.

Here the questions arise of how much would the commoners be getting for contesting in the current season of Big Boss? Any guesses?

Well, we reveal this shocking fact about the amount the commoners receive for showing up in Big Boss. And the truth is that they get ZERO money for this. Yes, you read it right. The commoners aren’t paid any penny for daily or even weekly appearance.

A source from the production of Big Boss revealed, “No signing amount is given to the commoner contestants. Not even per week payment. If any commoner will be in the Top 5,or he/she will win the show,will be paid”

Well, thats so obvious the commoners get a chance to be famous through Big Boss and that’s what their motto would be. Is it right or wrong let us know in comments below?

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