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6 Health Items That Becomes Destructive If Consumed Empty Stomach


6 Health Items That Becomes Destructive If Consumed Empty Stomach

​A morning meal or breakfast should be all like a King they say so. While we all feel like anything good eaten empty stomach may be beneficial.

But this isn’t a reality, not all that you think good to consume can be harmful if consumed empty stomach.

Here we tell you food stuff you should avoid consuming empty stomach and almost all the items in the list will give you a shock.

1. Milk.


Contains: Saturated Fats.

Reaction: Weakens muscles in stomach.

Causes: Bad digestion.

2. Tomatoes


Contains: Acidic Contents.

Reaction: Creates Gel hard to digest.

Causes: Stones.

3. Banana.

Bananas white background

Contains: High in Magnesium.

Reaction: Imbalance of Calcium and Magnesium level.

Causes: Acidity , Bad Digestion.

4. Watermelon


Contains: Iron, Magnesium

Reaction: Rise in Acidity level.

Causes: Bad Digestion

5. Sweet Potatoes.


Contains: Tannin and Pectin.

Reaction: Difficulty in Digestion.

Causes: Indigestion and Acidity

6. Tea.


Contains: Caffeine.

Reaction: Elevated Acidity Level.

Causes: Acidity, Stomach Ulcers.

Well yes having these food items on an empty stomach can be really problematic. It is advisable to have them after you have eaten something prior to it. Because a good health care is must for life.

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